A chair and a moustache

I have been wanting to make this pattern since I bought the magazine about a year ago, but I never knew what fabric to buy. Since I am not allowed to buy fabric now (why not?), I just needed to find enough fabric in my closet to make it. Which was actually not so difficult this time, since I just didn’t have that much to choose from. The only cuff fabric I had was a soft beige and because I don’t have any sweater fabric in my stock, I decided to use an old sweater of mine. I chose this ugly turtleneck sweater, plain white, with no shape whatsoever. I never wore it, so I was actually very happy to see it go. As you can see, the pattern askes for a “leather”-patch on the shoulder and luckily for me, I do have a small piece of black imitation leather! But in the end, I didn’t use it 😄

2015-10-16 16.09.35

Call it a stroke of luck, or just coincidence but when I took out this piece of leather, I found 2 small pieces of this beautiful, rich-brown, soft fabric. The perfect color to fit the white and the beige and the perfect strength to replace the imitation leather. The sweather turned out gorgeous, still a bit too big, but my son will soon grow into it. Because I loved the way the brown looked against the white, I made a big moustache out of it and stuck it on with vliesofix. I debated whether or not to also sew it, but I like the raw edges, makes it look a bit more realistic. And I can always do that later.


Now, what has the chair to do with this sweater and the moustache? Well, a couple of years ago, my husband and I upholstered some old chairs and we only had 2 very small pieces of fabric left afterwards 😇 Now, I only have one.

2015-10-16 16.08.19

Pattern: http://www.lamaisonvictor.com/nl/products/054866/Leather-Sweater-patroon-video (dutch, french or german)

A chair and a moustache