About a couple of grandmothers

Don’t ask me why I decided to start with this particular project. I guess I just fell in love with the pattern and this piece of fabric seemed to me the best choice to do it in.

The fabric I am talking about I found in my late grandmother’s sewing closet. She used to be a wonder in all sorts of handy work: crochet, knitting, embroidery, sewing… Unfortunately she fell ill and died very young, so I never had the chance to learn from here. I find it a blessing that I am able to use the fabrics that she bought a long time ago, and I hope I am honouring her in this way and she would approve of the things I am making with it.

This particular piece of fabric is a very soft, lightweight cotton. White, with blue and red stripes, making a very interesting plaid design. Although the fabric is probably more than 30 years old, it still feels very modern to me. There were 2 small pieces of this fabric, my grandmother probably bought it on a market in the leftovers corner. And of course, the pieces of fabric were to small for this particular pattern. I know you are not supposed to do this, but I decided to cut the sleeves in the other direction, so cross the grainline. It may not be as strong, but my pattern pieces fitted and the design on the fabric didn’t change.

20150915_095639Another adjustment I made was in the back. Because I was using a non-stretch fabric, I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to put it on. So I decided to leave a couple of centimeters open and use a very small button to close it on top. Turns out, I can easily put it on, so the adjustment and the button weren’t necessary, but on the other hand, it still makes for a beautiful back.

The rest was pretty straight forward, follow the instructions and wait for the finished result. I am very happy with the way it turned out, I know the finishing on it is pretty good and I love the design of the blouse. As for the fabric, even though blue is definitely not my color, the white and the red balances it out and it actually looks good on me.

2015-10-13 12.57.07

I know the title says that this is about a couple of grandmothers and so far I only mentioned one. Well, I wore this blouse to my other grandmother’s 80the birthday party. Seemed special somehow.

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About a couple of grandmothers