Happy birthday mom!

What a weekend I had! Just amazing!

It was my 3othe birthday this saterday (still trying to come to terms with the big 3 0 but whatever…) Because our recent move to the UK, my friends and family weren’t able to celebrate it with me, or so I thought! Fridaynight around 10pm, the doorbell rang and my parents were standing at the door! I was in a complete shock! Thank god they surprised me like that when I was still in my 20s, because I have no idea how my old heart would have coped otherwise 😆. It was just an amazing surprise! They stayed the whole weekend, brought a birthday meal with them, we talked the whole weekend, ate too much, drank too much and just had a blast. It was just so wonderfull to spend some extra time with them. This surprise was just the cherry on top of the cake, it just made me feel so loved by the people around me. I really felt special in a way… So thank you mom and dad for making my birthday unforgettable, and of course a thank you to my husband for being in on this conspiracy and congratulations for keeping it a secret all these months, I know it wasn’t easy for you 😄.

Well, today is my mom’s birthday (I will not disclose her age, I don’t want a reprimand later 😉), and because they were here this weekend, I was able to give my mom her birthday gift! I made this beautiful little handbag using this free pattern.


What is special about this bag, is that it is made from fabrics I found in my late grandmother’s sewing cabinet, her mother. She has been gone now for a long time, and I always hear my mom saying how much she misses her sometimes. How much she misses having her here to experience life with her, and just be able to phone her to ask for advice or just hear her voice again. And the older she gets, the more she misses her sometimes. She was very ill before she passed, so my mom alsways felt that her passing was a relief from my granny’s pain, but the more time goes by, the more the loss is felt in her life. And that is why I specifically used fabrics from my grandmother.  The inner pocket is made from a very old silk scarf, the rest are remnants from the sewing closet. In a way, this bag is a gift from my grandma and myself to my mother. I hope she loves it as much as I do. And I hope it will keep her mother’s memory alive.

2015-12-11 17.33.30

Happy birthday mom, I love you and I miss you….


Pattern: Buttercup bag – Made by Rae

Happy birthday mom!

A star, a dummy and santa-claus

I have been trying to convince my almost 3-year old to give up his dummy. He only uses it at night to fall asleep, never during the day, but stil, it is bad for his teeth and he is now at the age he has to learn to live without. I told him a couple of weeks ago that SantaClaus has this tree where he hangs all the dummies and if a child is good and doesn’t cry for his dummy at night, SantaClaus sends him a present. Apparently this idea got stuck in his head and he has been asking me questions about this tree ever since.

IMG_20151014_163938When I was sewing yesterday, he came to sit with me and started talking about it again. So I decided to make a little bag to put the dummy in to send to SantaClaus. My son immediately loved the idea, even more when I told him he could choose the fabric and even help me sewing it! Since I didn’t found anything I liked, I made this one, it turned out so nice that I wanted to share it with you.

It is originally star shapped, very easy to make and the finished result lookes like a little pyramid.

This is how you do it:

1. Decide how big you want the hexagon shaped end-result to be (mine had sides of 8cm) and draw a star around this hexagon. Cut out 2 of these stars in fabric and 6 strings (mine were around 12cm long).

2015-10-15 11.02.382. Sew the stars together, right sides facing. At each tip of the star you sew in a string. Leave a couple of centimeters open to turn.


3. Turn inside out, pulling each string. Close the turning hole.


4. Fold the star in half (right side in) and sew 2 legs together, leaving a couple of cm open on top (2.5cm in this case). Repeat until you have sewn all legs together, turn to see the pyramid shape.



Isn’t it cool?! I hope you all like it as much as I do! If my tuto isn’t all that clear, just let me know! And if you decide to make one, please send me a picture of the finished result!

As for the dummy. It is still in my son’s bed, I really hope he will put it in the bag when he is ready. To be prepared, SantaClaus already send me a present, just in case 🎁😉

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A star, a dummy and santa-claus