Let’s talk about Queens and Fairies, Monsters and Astronauts, shoes and swords, fashion, style and trends.

The clothes we choose to wear are a representation of who we are. It can make us feel empowered and in charge of our own life. That is why we all choose our clothes very carefully for a special occasion, a first date, a job interview but also a party and especially a wedding, both our own wedding as someone elses. Because our personalities evolve over the years, our style and fashion sense evolves with it. Even a change in job or a different haircut can suddenly evoke a change of personal style. What we consider as fashionable is something very personal, yet people tend to follow trends and buy and dress very similar. Off course trends are fun, it gives us a different view on fashion and clothing every year, it gives us the opportunity to change our personal style and it is a great excuse to go shopping once in a while. There is just one small problem. Not so much the trends in itself, but more the shops where we choose to buy our new cool stuff. Big shops seem the place to be. The cheap clothes they offer seem to be the stuff to wear. And we all end up with the same items in our wardrobe. Yet, we desire to be unique, to stand out from the crowd and to be see.

We want to feel like a Queen on our night out, we want to be the Belle of the ball. We want our daughters to feel like Princesses and have that special Fairy magic. We encourage our children to be unique, to find their dreams, get in that space rocket and reach for the stars. And everyone dreams of finding that knight in shining armour. And sometimes clothes need to just say that. Sometimes clothes need to be fit for Queens and Astronauts or for little Fairies and cute monsters. Sometimes all you need to add is shoes and the occasional sword.

To be continued…