Goodbye… for now

My sewing year is officially over. Just put my machine away and finished my last Christmas gifts. I could have finished them sooner, were it not that in the beginning of the week I felt the urge to sew some really nice tops to wear during the festivities.

I had a couple of vintage scarfs that I was just dying to use! I’ve had them for a long time already, and I specifically bought them to make shirts, but I never found the perfect pattern. I finally found it here. And because I loved how the first one came out, I immediately made 2 more πŸ˜€. I just love them! I will make some more, maybe a different pattern, but I still have some scarfs left, and I will be looking for more!


These are truly unique items, I love the vintage feel it has thanks to the print, it has an amazing fit and it feels very soft against my skin. I immediately wore one yesterday to go out for some pre-Christmas drinks. No sign of wearing – fear with these ones!

And so today I had to finish my gifts, actually got very nervous this morning because of the time crunch, but they are done. Finally… I hope my family will like them 😞. With handsewn gifts, there is always a bit more anxiety then with bought gifts I found. But I still shoose to do it, because I trully believe I am giving more then just the gift. I give time,love and attention. And I trully hope my family feels it this way.

A couple of hours ago, I packed up my supplies and my machine, tucked them away untill next year. And I hope my dear Brother will give me even more joy, pride and gorgeous garments in 2016. And that is what I wish you all. The joy of sewing, creating and designing. The proud feeling you get when you finish something, when you wear it or when you give it to someone. And above all I wish to you that you turn every piece of fabric into something gorgeous! Besides that I hope you find happiness, health and love.


Merry Christmas everyone and may you have an amazing new year! πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽ

If you want to see the gifts I made or want to know more about what I do (or try to do) click the small, blue “follow” button (bottom right)!

Goodbye… for now

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