I know this is a sewing blog, but I feel I need to say this…

I was in Brussels, Belgium when I recieved the news of the attack in Paris. The next day, I recieved the news that the attacks were planned in Brussels, not far from the place I was staying. The attacks hurted me, very much. I cried, I held my children way too often and way too tight, I screamed “Why?”and I whispered “I don’t get it…”.

In the aftermath of these attacks, I watched the reactions of people, people I don’t know and people I know and love. And more times than not, I  shook my head in disbelief. And now, it is time for me to respond.

Lots of people respond to the attacks in Paris by saying “Let’s kill them all!” or “Let’s close our borders, no one in! We have been too kind untill now!”. In the same breath, they say they want to make a better world, a world of peace, kindness and tolerance. Responding with violence and exclusion is the complete opposite of what you want to achieve. Peace means no killing, otherwise you are the terrorist. Kidness means being kind and friendly to all, not to the people you choose to be kind to. Tolerance means to tolerate everybody, every religion, every race, not just the people with the same vision as you.
A wise man once said, be the change you want to see in this world. Think about this, think about it long and hard before making a snap judgment about my post and responding in a non-tolerant way.
I choose peace, I choose kindness, I choose tolerance. I choose to teach my children to love, not to hate. Even in this world, a world that seems to have gone mad. I choose to teach my children to make their own decisions, without judgment and without religion. Even now everybody seems to have lost their mind.
I sincerely hope you will make the same decision…


France has this national motto “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” meaning “liberty, equality and fraternity”. It couldn’t be more suitable now…






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