What a disaster!

I have a mountain of scrap fabric, an actual mountain, all sorts of fabric, all different sizes. Some so small that I wonder why I kept it! Don’t ask me why, but I just can not throw them away! You just never know what they could be used for! Yesterday, I was going through my closet and I just had enough. I wanted to finally use them for something usefull. So I came up with this fabulous idea! Something small off course, because there were only small pieces of fabric in this mountain. I decided to make my own Christmas decorations! Seemed so special! All kinds of bright fabrics in my tree, in different shapes and sizes. How cool would that be!?!

First, getting ideas. The fun part. Pinterest, Google. I spend a couple of hours searching and browsing for ideas. And I found a lot! And a lot of beautiful things. I really got excited! I started writing them all down, with little drawings on the site. I even drew a couple of templates. A star, 2 kinds of Christmas trees, a stocking, 3 types of balls… I started taking pictures of my work in progress to put on this blog to display my beautiful work. Well, turns out, I will use these pictures to display my failure. I still can not believe that I waisted half a day on this!

20151021_135642           20151021_145442

I started going through my scrapes. That alone took me over 2 hours! Especially sorting them was a challenge, I tried by size, by colour, by type of fabric… Finally I went with 2 piles, one with colours that were Christmasy, and one with all the rest. There were so much fabrics in my Christmas pile that I then tried sorting that pile. I didn’t get very far. There were just too many kinds of fabrics and too many ideas in my head! The only solution I had was just to try something. To actually cut and sew. I took a couple of fabrics, 3 templates, cut out a couple of them and started sewing. Finally.

20151021_152531           20151021_160735

Again, I didn’t get far. After the first one I saw that this wasn’t gonna work. It didn’t look good and I reaslised that I just don’t have enough patience to do such a delicate, fiddly work. I tried all the others, just in case and threw them all away. No home-made Christmas decorations in this house I’m afraid! Not this year, nor any year to come.

What was I thinking getting into this?! I think my mum, whilst reading this, will shake her head in disbelief that I even thought I could pull this off. I don’t have the patience for this kind of work, nor do I like the precision that is necessary to do it! Well, at least now I know never to attempt anything like it again. Or maybe use felt next time…

All was not lost in the end. After sorting my scraps yet again, I had another fabulous scrap-project-idea. But you will have to wait till after Christmas to read about it 🎅🎄🎁 😉


What about you? Have you ever attempted a project that turned out to be a huge failure in the end? Or attempted something that is just not you, like I did? And how much scraps do you have? And what do you do with it? Let me know! I have enough scraps left for a couple of more projects! Leave a reply and tell us all about it!

I actually hope some of you did make your own Christmas decorations. And if so, please showcase them with proud, not everyone can do it!

If you want to know the update of this story (after Christmas) or want to know more about what I do (or try to do) click the small, blue “follow” button (bottom right)!

What a disaster!

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