Is it a jacket?

No, it’s a curtain. Or at least, that is what it used to be.

This is one of my projects where I only use fabrics I already own (full story here) and up till now, the most challenging one, but also the most rewarding one.

I started off with this beautiful piece of curtain. I found it a year ago in a charity shop/thrift shop. It is pink with white strips and immediately reminded me of these iconic Chanel jackets we all know and love.

Vintage Chanel Jacket
CHANEL Vintage Bouclé Jacket
CHANEL Vintage Bouclé Jacket
CHANEL Vintage Bouclé Jacket

The idea was there, but there was one big problem, the curtain was nowhere big enough to make a classic jacket like these. I did have a pattern for a simplified jacket, one with a shorter raglan sleeve that seemed the perfect fit for my curtain. But then again, even when I opened up every seam in the curtain, there was no way I could fit all pattern pieces. So I cut the ones that did fit, the back, 2 front panels and both sleeves. To fit the sleeves, I had to shorten them a bit and there was no way I could do pattern matching. I had no facing whatsoever, so no way to actually finish the jacket. So back to my fabric closet. I decided to use a leftover from the curtains I recently made. It’s beige, but when put against the pink, it seems to mimic the pink color somehow and it matches beautiful.

20151020_114251For the lining I originally wanted to use just a plain white cotton, until I stumbled upon this beautiful vintage floral design, a piece of fabric from my late grandmother. Big enough to actually do pattern matching! And so gorgeous that this lining is my favourite part of the jacket.

This was a very challenging piece. I had no plan when I started sewing, so I didn’t even knew if I could even finish it. But I believe that if I had tried to put together all 3 types of fabric for this jacket before starting to actually cut or sew, it never would have ended up this way. I never would have thought of using this other curtain for the facing and I definitely wouldn’t have used my floral cotton for the lining. I found it easier to be creative by just doing, cutting a piece of fabric, pinning them together, changing things, grap a piece of fabric, put it back, grap another, rethink, regroup and just try. And make it work. When-faced-with-a-challenge-look-for-a-way-not-a-way-out.

I am absolutely in love with my curtain-jacket. It is by far my favourite piece I have ever made! Cool detail, the jacket has pockets, made out of an old silk scarf.


Pattern: Chloe Jacket, La Maison Victor

Is it a jacket?

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